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We have proudly been serving the Jewish community in the greater Tampa Bay area for over 35 years. We take great care to be mindful of every need, and our faithful in our observance of every tradition and detail. We believe it is our responsibility to conduct every funeral service with reverence and dignity. We know that finding a reputable and trustworthy funeral home that honors your values and preferences is a decision, and we are proud that Sarasota families trust us to take care of their loved ones.  

When you are ready to begin making arrangements, we are here to answer your call. Call when you need us at (866) 727-0451.

Funeral & Cremation Services in Sarasota

We are passionate about getting to know you, your family, and your loved one. By understanding what makes your family unique, we can help you plan a thoughtful and meaningful service that honors tradition while also honoring your loved one’s personality and preferences.

As a proud ShareLife provider, we work hard to provide personalized services to every family. Just as every life lived is unique and special, every funeral service should be too. We use the ShareLife method and technologies to create personalized experiences for every family. From projecting scents that bring back powerful memories, to displaying photos or videos to bring people together, we can find the perfect combination for your family. When you choose us to organize your loved one’s funeral service in Sarasota, you can trust that we will take care of everything. 

If you or your family is interested in planning ahead, we are also able to make arrangements in advance. Our Family Service Advisors can walk you through your options so you can take your time planning your funeral service. Take control of your final wishes and decide what is important to you, so you can leave your family with beautiful memories, not the burden of planning a funeral. When you are ready to learn more, call us at (​941) 932-4788.

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